Local Bridal House Slammed For Having Photo Shoot In A Christian Cemetery

The boutique owner has since apologised.

Cover image via Twitter

A local bridal house has recently gained the attention of netizens after pictures from their photo shoot went viral

On Tuesday, 5 November a Twitter user uploaded photographs from the bridal boutique's campaign shoot along with a caption that read, "Are there no other places to have a photo shoot? You have no respect for a cemetery at all."

"People will surely do anything for attention. If it were my family members' grave, I will find you right away," they added.

Image via Twitter

The tweet has since garnered 18,800 retweets and 10,200 likes.

The photos show a model wearing a wedding dress posing next to a Christian grave

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Behind the scenes photos and videos retrieved from the boutique owner's Instagram also show that several models were involved in the shoot.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Netizens criticised the bridal house for being inappropriate and disrespecting the deceased

One person wrote, "For us Christians, the cemetery is a sacred and holy ground that has been blessed by the priest for the [dead]. Of course people would get upset, this is so disrespectful. Imagine if people had a photo shoot on your family's grave. Even if you want to go viral, be reasonable."

Image via Twitter

"First of all, dead people are not props. To use a graveyard as a set-up - for whatever reason - makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, I get the whole idea about going viral but to see someone actually using this as a business tactic, I can't," said another netizen.

Image via Twitter

Another reply to the tweet read, "No respect for the dead. Very rude of her to do a photo shoot at a sacred place. And certainly, no respect or other people's family's grave. That is the problem with people who are uneducated."

Image via Twitter

The boutique owner has since apologised and deactivated her Facebook account.

She explained that she chose the location to be unique and stand out from others.

In a report by Harian Metro, she clarified that the photos were not meant to be used as marketing material.

"I uploaded the photos for fun and I did not mean to offend people of any religion," she said.

"Whatever it is, I accept everyone's criticism with an open heart because I want to own up to my mistakes. It is all my fault, please do not blame the models."

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