Local Dessert Shop Warns Of Former Employee Who Allegedly Scammed People For Years

They discovered a forum with a detailed list of all his alleged scams.

Cover image via SAYS & Eduardo Soares (Unsplash)

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Xiao by Crustz, a local dessert shop in PJ and KL, has issued a public service announcement warning about an alleged scammer who used to work with them

Taking to Instagram, the dessert shop's founder, Xiaoly, shared that they had hired an employee in his 40s from East Malaysia through a hiring app to work as a part-timer at their KLCC pop-up outlet.

"He appeared very friendly, helpful, and generous, and shared very detailed life stories with colleagues," she wrote. 

After their KLCC pop-up outlet ended, the employee continued working with them at their PJ outlet, claiming he had extensive experience and expertise in management, specifically in the oil and gas industry.

"He claimed to have worked 20+ years in ExxonMobil, and is now doing gigs like this part-time position as a pastime," said Xiaoly.

Image via SAYS

The founder shared that they didn't feel the need to verify his credentials or resume as he was only hired as a part-timer.

However, things started to feel suspicious over time.

According to the dessert shop's founder, this man was overly generous with colleagues, often treating them to meals and giving them free things.

He also created the illusion of wealth by saying that he owned luxury homes, cars, and had great connections. However, she added that although he would come to work in different modes of transport, she never saw him drive a luxury car.

Image via SAYS

She continued on by sharing that he would reveal personal details with colleagues to gain their trust.

But things took a turn when some of the colleagues discovered detailed information about him on an online forum.

On this forum, there are extensive records of the man, claiming that he has been allegedly scamming people since 2018. 

It stated that he has stolen personal info, peeked at friends' ATM pins to empty their bank accounts after stealing their ATM cards, and impersonated a FEDEX CEO.

He has also allegedly faked recruitments and business dealings, as well as owes people a lot of money.

Image for illustration purposes.

Image via Eduardo Soares (Unsplash)

Although many police reports are said to have been lodged against him, nothing has been allegedly done to catch him

According to the forum, he would assume different guises with varying ages, sharing stories about his family members to fit his scam narratives.

He would allegedly come up with reasons to con people into giving him money by first gaining their trust as a friend.

The forum also states that he has earned close to RM1 million to date through his scams.

Xiaoly concluded that other than false documentation and claims, thankfully, no major damage was done to their business.

The man has since been terminated from their employment.

"However, we are worried that he is now targeting the F&B industry from his experience with us. We believe he is carrying out a few scams at the same time, so we would like to warn the other victims involved," she added.

If you'd like to place an order with their shop, she mentioned to do it through their website, their official numbers, or official emails.

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