Local Mamak Blames Woman For Ordering Ayam Goreng That Came Infested With Maggots

The woman claims she was told it was her fault for choosing the chicken.

Cover image via ILovesgBesar/FB

In a bizarre incident that happened on Thursday, 22 August at a mamak in Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam, a woman was reportedly blamed for ordering Ayam Goreng that came infested with maggots

According to a report in Sinar Harian, the incident happened on Thursday night at around 11pm when the woman was having dinner with her husband and friends.

They were eating at a local mamak when she noticed maggots crawling out of the Ayam Goreng they had ordered. The maggots she spotted were in the chicken bone.

My throat felt sore when I saw live worms crawling out of the bone from the piece of chicken I just ate.

Photographe of the maggot-infested ayam goreng shared by the woman.

Image via ILoveSgBesar/FB

However, when she called the mamak manager to complain, his response was less than satisfactory

According to her, the manager ordered his staff to retrieve the plate back into the shop.

When I called him to our table, he (the manager) seemed to blame me for choosing the piece of chicken that had worms in it.

She said that she experienced bouts of diarrhoea after returning home. She visited a clinic the next morning where she was diagnosed with food poisoning.

"I have been diagnosed with food poisoning believed to be caused by contaminated food," the woman who was identified by her first name, Chris, was quoted as saying.

The woman wants authorities to monitor the restaurant

"I have personally submitted a complaint to the Sabak Bernam District Health Office and requested further action," the woman told Sinar Harian.

Image via ILoveSgBesar/FB

Back in June, a man from PJ was halfway through his meal when he noticed maggots crawling inside the deep-fried chicken piece:

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