Local YouTuber Compares LGBT To Incest In Viral Video

The video has been viewed over 510,000 times in two days.

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A producer at Cocombee Studio, an Islamic photo and video production studio based in Singapore and Malaysia, recently uploaded a video in attempt to tackle the issue of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders (LGBT)

Image via MrKokom/YouTube

The video shows the producer himself, who wishes to only be known as Kokom, approaching a transgender woman in a park to talk about her appearance. 

The nearly five-minute long video moves on to negate the phrase "trapped in a woman's body" by showing how it can be misused by people who engage in incestuous relationships, and a child who bought a cigarette stick.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 510,000 views in two days.

Member of local band UNIC, Bazli Hazwan appeared in the video.

Image via MrKokom/YouTube

Later in the video, a man comes to the defence of the transgender woman

Image via MrKokom/YouTube

The man, whom Kokom assumed was non-Muslim, was seen demanding Kokom to respect the rights of the transgender woman, citing her freedom of choice. He added that religious laws are not applicable in Malaysia. 

Kokom then explained that he was trying to advise the transgender woman regarding the "sins" that will follow her "act". He also stressed that religious laws are only applicable to Muslims.

The man eventually admitted to being a Muslim himself, and was beaten up by Kokom and the transgender woman later on. 

"(So he's) actually Muslim, but (he was) speaking like a Jew," Kokom added.

The video was well-received by some netizens

"Intelligent preaching!" one netizen wrote.

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Another netizen wrote that while the language used in the video may cause uneasiness to some people, it still contained moral values.

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One netizen also praised the video production team for making it easy for people to understand the "tough" topic.

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Meanwhile, others slammed the video for its misrepresentation of transgenders

One netizen wrote that the video promotes violence without presenting an understanding of gender identity disorder by likening it to incest. 

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Another netizen questioned the applicability of the video in society as incestuous relationships and children slapping adults for smoking are not normal.

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"(The person) does not live with enough love," one netizen wrote after criticising the video for being unintelligent. 

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mStar reported Kokom as saying that he was afraid of producing the video in fear of backlash

"Many people have asked me to talk about the LGBT issue," Kokom was quoted as saying by mStar

Despite his fear of backlash, Kokom said he has observed many Muslims who are defending the rights of transgenders to the point where boundaries of the religion have been crossed. 

"This issue has been going on for a while and it is worsening, so I felt that I had to do something about it within my capacity," Kokom added.

Kokom was heard speaking to the man in the video.

Image via MrKokom/YouTube

The producer also claimed that transgenders are not being discriminated against in Malaysia.

"Actually, there is no discrimination (against transgenders), they are only condemned," Kokom told mStar.

"If we do things that are weird to the eyes of society, we will be condemned," he added.

You can watch the video here:

Last month, the Deputy Prime Minister said that LGBTs can continue to practice their lifestyle as long as it is not glamourised:

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