M'sian Returnees Cry Foul Over Subang Hotel's Terrible Food & Living Conditions

Despite the bad service, all persons under surveillance (PUS) have to pay RM2,100 to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine at the hotel.

Cover image via Jack (Provided to SAYS) & Twitter @zierali

A Twitter thread detailing the ordeal Malaysian returnees face while undergoing the mandatory quarantine at a hotel in Subang Jaya, Selangor is going viral

In it, Twitter user @zierali shared that not only did the hotel use dirty sheets and starve their guests, they also serve meals that were so poorly prepared - it made her break into tears.

For four days, Zierali said she had no choice but to eat the shoddy meals while living in complete isolation.

On the second day of the quarantine, she said she was left starving for hours during lunch and dinner. The hotel management seemed to not care at all.

The situation was so bad for Zierali that she had to ration her meal over two hours so that she would not feel hungry while waiting for dinner.

It was the fourth day of quarantine that Zierali's spirit was broken

The hotel served her nasi lemak with just sambal and two slices of oranges.

"Day four, as you saw above, that is the nasi lemak I got," Zierali tweeted.

"I saw in the WhatsApp group [that] some of persons under surveillance (PUS) here got mad at the duty manager."

"I wanted to rant too, but I felt bad because everyone else has put a whole lot pressure [on] him. So, I decided to just eat it.... but... as I was about to put in my first bite, I got really sad and disappointed. [I] ended up crying, why is this happening to me."

It was only sambal and nasi, even the rice is not fully cooked.

"I was so sad and called the reception again, crying... Asking them 'Is this all I get?'" she related.

In the end, she got some curry that was cooked with an egg and some cucumber

The strange dish prompted her to ask herself, "Who cooked [curry] like this?" Her tears continued to run down her cheeks.

"I can not stop crying over how sad the meal looks like. All we wish is to be given a decent meal," she said.

Meanwhile, SAYS managed to reach out to another PUS living in the same hotel and he said the price he is paying for the stay is unfair

The PUS, who only wishes to be known as Jack, said the entire 14-day stay in the Subang Jaya hotel costs a whopping RM2,100 - or RM150 per day. 

In comparison, Jack said five-star hotel Grand Millennium charges only RM130 per day.

"So our question is why do we have to pay the same RM150 per night just to suffer when Grand Millennium is charging RM130 per night. Some other five-star hotels like Putrajaya Marriott and Movenpick KLIA are also charging the ceiling price RM150 per night," he said.

"Why this hotel, which normally costs RM87 per night, is allowed to collect RM150 per night from PUS?"

He also shared some photos with SAYS, depicting his living condition in the hotel room.

Although authorities have intervened and given the hotel a warning, Jack remains skeptical of how long the change would last

According to Zierali, many PUS living in the hotel have made public complaints against the hotel.

Subang Jaya assemblyperson Michelle Ng and the Malaysia Association of Hotels' (MAH) chief executive officer Yap Li Seng are among those who have intervened in the matter after Zierali's tweet went viral.

However, following the public pressure, Jack said that the hotel merely increased the serving size of the meals, but not the quality.

"We just have to wait and see if more improvement will come," he added.

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