M'sian Student Slammed For Requesting Food, Lodging & RM3,000 Salary For Internship

"What [gave them the assumption] that an intern would get paid above RM3,000?" commented one user.

Cover image via KF Design 黑月亮脸设计 (Facebook)

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A Malaysian student's request for food, lodging, and transport incentives, as well as a RM3,000 salary, has captured widespread attention

The student had submitted an internship application to graphic design company, KF Design 黑月亮脸设计, who shared a screenshot of their email on Facebook.

The student, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Graphic Design, started the email by expressing their interest in securing an internship at the company.

They then outlined an extensive list of requests, inquiring whether the company could provide the incentives during their internship.

The list included a Grab transport incentive, accommodation, breakfast and lunch incentives, a performance bonus, and an internship salary of RM3,000 and above.

Taken aback by the email, the company responded with a caption that read, "Please don't, but (we) wish you all the best."

The post garnered over 5,000 likes and 1,200 comments, with netizens expressing their astonishment and amusement at the student's bold requests and unconventional approach to securing an internship

"Good luck getting a job," commented one user.

"Wait, you can request all that? In an internship?" another user asked.

Expressing disbelief, another user remarked, "What [gave them the assumption] that an intern would get paid above RM3,000? Hiring an intern [with RM1,000 pay] would still be a doubt for some companies."

Earlier this year, an employer sparked a heated debate by claiming that interns should have to pay companies for training them:

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