M'sians Are Signing This Petition After A Judge Gave Datin Rozita A Lenient Sentence

Meanwhile, the Attorney-General's Chambers has decided to appeal the judgement.

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Malaysians are signing a petition against a lenient sentence by a judge who allowed a 'Datin' to escape jail time for abusing her maid, by placing her on a "good behaviour bond"

The petition, started by 'Equal Justice for Malaysians', is addressed to Prime Minister Najib Razak and Azalina Othman Said, a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.

It calls for "equal justice for the rich and poor" while urging the petitioners and the decision makers to have a "serious look" at Malaysia's Human Rights issue.

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The petition, which at the time of writing this story has been signed by over 16,500 Malaysians, contends that the crime by the Datin towards her maid is "despicable, inhumane and clearly should result in stricter punishment than 'good behaviour bond'"

The Sessions Court judge, Mohammed Mokhzani Mokhtar, who ordered the 'Datin' to be placed on a good behaviour bond for five years with a surety of RM20,000, in his judgement said that this sentencing does not mean that "the accused had been freed".

According to the judge, if the 'Datin' was found involved in criminal activities, she could be charged again in the same case and sentenced to imprisonment.

However, the judge's decision still means that Rozita gets to walk out 'free', escaping jail time despite causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons to her maid.

"She should be charged with attempted murder or intent to cause serious bodily harm," the petition demands, adding that Malaysians elected a government that shouldn't influence our justice system

"Even if she's a Datin, rich and have connections, it doesn't give her the right to treat people like that. What message are we sending to our people and children?" asks the petition, which was started on Saturday, 17 March.

Among the people who signed the petition and voiced their reasons, a comment by an Indonesian citizen, asking for "justice for Indonesian women workers", has the most number of votes

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Another comment by a resident of Kuching says "the perp must be punished."

The commentator added that what the Datin has done "was intentional and malicious. There is no doubt about that. No crimes especially one that purposely endangers the life of another should go unpunished."

Meanwhile, the petition is also being shared on Twitter to help spread the word.

While the petition is being signed, The Malay Mail Online is reporting that the A-G's Chambers has said it will appeal against the Sessions Court decision to only impose a good behaviour on Rozita

"AGC has filed a notice of appeal against the inadequacy of sentence. Thank you," the Malay Mail Online quoted Attorney-General Tan Sri Apandi Ali as saying.

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You can sign the petition by clicking here

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