Netizens Can't Seem To Wrap Their Heads Around The 65th National Day Theme & Logo

Yes, we are just as confused as you.

Cover image via Suruhanjaya Komunikais dan Multimedia Malaysia (Facebook) & @XunlingAu (Twitter)

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Malaysians are at loss at the government's recent decision to utilise a WiFi-like symbol to represent Malaysia’s 65th National Day

In a recent event that was broadcasted live, Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa announced the theme for the 65th National Day, #KeluargaMalaysia Teguh Bersama. The theme reportedly carries the meaning of living in harmony with one another like a family. 

As for the logo that was released along with the theme, it is depicted as a rendition of the standard WiFi logo with some additions to the design. 

And it has Malaysians scratching their heads for answers

Some netizens asked the "what", "how", and "why?''

Some likened the design to bodies alternating to one another, or described them as pimples.

One commenter on Facebook even mentioned that school children would have been able to produce a better logo than the official one. 

Whatever the opinion for the logo, it seems that Malaysians aren't the biggest fan of it.

So why a WiFi symbol?

According to the rationale, the symbol is said to signify the "development of infrastructure, communication systems, and the ever expanding digitalisation of the country for the convenience of the nation".

This is said to tie in with what WiFi generally does for modern society.

The presentation of the launching ceremony goes on to show that the colours of the Jalur Gemilang flag were used to represent and celebrate the diversity and varying nationalities that makes Malaysia, Malaysia. 

This was further emphasised with the alternating dots on the symbol, which is said to celebrate diversity no matter our differences for the sake of the progress of the nation.

So, does the WiFi symbol make more sense to you after knowing the rationale behind it?

Or does it leave a question mark in your head instead?

Image via @tvland/GIPHY

Watch the full live stream here:

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