M'sian Girl Rescued Puppy In Sewer 6 Years Ago & They've Grown Up Together Daily Since

The sewer hole was so small, only four-year-old Madhushree could have saved the puppy at the time.

Cover image via @mawamalaysia (TikTok)

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When asked to imagine a hero, we would probably visualise an adult who is brave and selfless.

But a Malaysian girl is here to dispel the typecast, as she became a hero at the tender age of four when she saved a puppy from a sewer six years ago.

The story of the now 11-year-old girl, Madhushree, saving a puppy went viral after My Forever Doggo, a platform dedicated to connecting dog shelters to adopters, shared her heroic act on Instagram yesterday, 1 February.

Madhushree is the daughter of Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA Malaysia) founder Mukunnan Sugumaran.

In May 2016, Mukunnan heard a noise coming from the drainage behind his house.

"After checking, the place (sewer) was not accessible by myself or my wife," recounted the father in a TikTok video.

The one-minute video shows the sewer hole was so small that only a child could enter it. Thus, little Madhushree crawled into the sewer and came out with a golden-furred puppy, who was only slightly bigger than an adult's palm.

"We asked our little girl if she could help. She said yes and went in without hesitation and brought out a pup," Mukunnan recounted

Madhushree's mother immediately praised her, saying "good girl" as she crawled out of the sewer.

"She is so adorable," said the little hero after the rescue mission.

Mukunnan said it was fortunate that they rescued the puppy in time, who they named Princess Bujji, as it started raining heavily shortly thereafter.

In separate videos, Mukunnan shared moments of Princess Bujji growing up alongside the loving family, with a photo showing the father feeding the smol pup milk in his arms

The videos also show Madhushree lying on a sofa while looking at a tablet, while Princess Bujji slept soundly beside her rescuer.

After growing out of her puppy phase, Princess Bujji was spotted rocking a pink shirt with a printed ribbon on it.

"They played and slept together. Both were best of friends and they are still good friends (today)," the father shared.

In the third video of Princess Bujji, she can be seen having her paws up on Mukunnan as if she wanted to be snuggled.

She was smiling from ear to ear as Mukunnan petted her, as if to convey that the now beautiful golden-furred angel was extremely happy living in the family's home.

At the time of writing, Princess Bujji's story has been liked over 1,200 times in My Forever Doggo's Instagram post

Many netizens lauded the little girl's selflessness and the father for raising such a kind girl.

Speaking to SAYS, Mukunnan said his non-governmental organisation MAWA Malaysia currently shelters 200 dogs. They constantly need donations and pet supplies to maintain the dog shelter.

If you wish to help, you can donate directly to:
Persatuan Kebajikan Haiwan Malaysia
5623 8452 4376

Alternatively, you can also donate to their supplier, Pauline Yeoh Poh Ling, from One Pet store at Mahkota Cheras:
Yeoh Poh Ling

A bag of supplies costs RM110. You can send the bank receipt to +6012-6316334 to notify Yeoh about your contribution.

For more information, visit MAWA Malaysia on FacebookInstagram, or TikTok.

Watch videos of Princess Bujji being rescued and growing up in Mukunnan's home here:

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