Malaysian Actress Calls Out "Gatal Preachers And Religious Men" For Not Respecting Women

She argued that men should never use religion to defend their lustful actions.

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Actress Wardina Safiyyah took to social media to share her thoughts following news that Islamic preacher PU Abu is divorcing his seven-month pregnant wife to marry another woman

Wardina Safiyyah.

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"Gatal (horny) preachers and religious men are truly disgusting," she wrote in an Instagram post on 22 April.

"I can't stand their jokes especially randomly dropping hints about marrying another on social media or in their ceramah not taking into account the feelings of their wives or women," she added.

Wardina argued that men, whether they are preachers or not, should never use religion to defend their lustful actions

Muhammad Abu Sufyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi (PU Abu).

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"It's not worth ruining a marriage and a family to satisfy your lust with another woman, and then you tell us to be patient in the name of religion and for pahala," she wrote.

"All while you're happily satisfying your own lust. That's great."

"Above all, they think they can get away with it because they are pious, because they are men, and use whatever verses or Hadith to justify their bloody gatalness", Wardina said

The 39-year-old said that she prays Allah will open the Ustaz's heart, and warned that the woman he left his wife for, Hana Azraa, will one day regret her actions.

In ending the post, she urged the Ustaz to "be a man".

"Try educating men to value and respect women instead," she added.

The ex-wife of celebrity religious teacher PU Abu, whose real name is Muhammad Abu Sufyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, recently shared the reason for their divorce on social media

"On March 13, my husband Pencetus Ummah Abu Sufyan left me because he wants to marry a janda (widow/divorcee) named Hana Azraa. PU Abu asked me to agree to polygamy two months after our wedding but I rejected because we had just gotten married," Ain wrote on 19 April, in a post that has since been deleted.

"I asked him to choose between his wife and child or that woman. So he chose to leave me and my unborn baby," Ain wrote.

Soon after her post went viral, the Ustaz penned a response on Instagram.

"I, PU Abu apologise for my mistake of divorcing my wife while she was pregnant and I regret what I've done. I would like to apologise to my ex-wife and her family for behaving unfairly," he wrote.

"May I receive the punishment I deserve for my actions."

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