Malaysian Public Transport User Disappointed With A 'Useless' Bus Stop At KL Sentral

"This is the roof of the bus stop, very beautiful, but totally useless!"

Cover image via Yap Swee Seng/Facebook

[UPDATE] The viral 'useless' bus stop at KL Sentral is now under renovation

On 28 September, renowned Malaysian architect Ng Sek San left a comment on SAYS' Facebook post, attached with some photos.

"They are installing the acrylic roof today for this brand new bus stop," he explained.

"This bus stop is still under construction and the acrylic or glass roof has not been installed yet."

On the same day, Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) also made an announcement informing the public that the bus stop had not yet been completed

"A transparent layer will be used to cover the bus stop. The contractor had not placed barricades around it to inform people that the bus stop was still under construction," said the city council.

"By Monday, 30 September, the contractor will set up the transparent cover."

Yap Swee Seng who originally posted about the bus stop on Facebook commended DBKL for their swift action.

It was previously reported that a man from Kuala Lumpur was exasperated to find out that a bus stop in KL Sentral could not even do its basic function of sheltering pedestrians

Yap Swee Seng made a Facebook post on 26 September about how he was waiting to take the bus home from KL Sentral when it started to rain.

He had just gotten off the LRT when he decided to take shelter at the bus stop across from Public Bank and wait for the bus.

"Little did I know that while this bus stop is extremely new and the roof is beautifully decorated, it actually does not stop the rain from falling down on your head!"

"The girl actually has to hold an umbrella under the bus station," Yap said.

"This is the roof of the bus stop, very beautiful, but totally useless!" he wrote in another caption.

"I wonder whose 'brilliant' idea is this in our government departments," he continued in the post, "To give public transport users a beautiful bus stop that does not provide the basic function of sheltering its users from the rain or the sun."

"How much taxpayers money have been spent to build this totally useless bus stop? Is the interest and welfare of taxpayers even in the mind of our public officials? Or is this another case of mark-up-the-price project in order to get a bigger amount of kickbacks?" he questioned.

His post had garnered over 4,500 shares.

Some were unsparing in their comments on the situation, while some people made light of the bus stop

This Facebook user straight up said it.

Another ventured that some money meant for putting up the bus stop went missing.

One critically commented "As if it wasn't enough to be stupid and proud, don't they feel embarrassed to display it to the public with architecture that defeats its purpose?"

While another commented how the material could possibly be dangerous instead.

Someone's got to fix that bus stop!

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Meanwhile, KTM has upgraded their services:

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