A Malaysian Spent More Than RM21,000 On This Tudung

It's a custom-made tudung from Bawal Exclusive.

Cover image via Kosmo!

We've all heard of people spending tonnes of money on clothes and beauty products, and that's exactly what this lady from Kelantan did.

She bought a tudung for an exorbitant price of RM21,600 - add another RM5,000 and you can own a brand new Perodua Axia!

The exclusive Bawal tudung worth RM21,600.

Image via Kosmo!

In a report by Kosmo! last week, the popular tudung brand, Bawal Exclusive's founder, Haliza Maysuri, said that her company received an order for the most expensive tudung they've manufactured from a businesswoman in Kelantan.

"The most expensive tudung that Bawal Exclusive has ever produced costs RM21,600 that was specially ordered by an entrepreneur from Kelantan," said Haliza when speaking to Kosmo! recently.

So, who else buys these exclusive tudungs worth thousands of ringgit?

Haliza Maysuri, founder of Bawal Exclusive and Nicholas Vo Van, Planning and Merchandising Manager at Swarovski.

Image via Utusan/Fairuz Izyana Ayub

According to Haliza, most of the custom-made orders for these expensive tudungs come from the rich and famous, including prominent entrepreneurs.

What's interesting is that these orders for tudungs worth thousands of ringgit aren't exactly rare. Haliza said that the demand for it is very high and her customers don't mind paying extra to get the designs they want from Bawal Exclusive.

The price of the tudung is usually determined by the brand, material, design, and the number of Swarovski crystals on it.

The popular tudung brand also caters to customers that are looking for more affordable options with Swarovski-studded pieces that are as low as RM50

A Swarovski-studded Bawal Exclusive tudung that's on sale on Lazada.

Image via Lazada

How much are you willing to spend on a tudung? Let us know in the comment section below.

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