M'sian Doctor Reveals The Lonely Journey Suspected COVID-19 Patients Have To Go Through

Not even their spouse or parent is allowed to visit.

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A heartfelt social media post detailing the lonely journey COVID-19 patients go through has moved many Malaysians to tears

Dr Redza Zainol, whose Facebook profile says he is a paediatrics medical officer at Muar Hospital in Johor, revealed that COVID-19 Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) are not allowed to receive visitors throughout the isolation period.

This includes their closest family members - be it their spouse, parents, or children.

"They are alone most of the time. No visitors or caregivers," Redza shared in a Facebook post last Monday, 23 March.

"In the isolation ward, after checking and treating the patients, all staff will step out and close the door. We only communicate through walkie-talkie or the telephone.

"Sometimes we even use a whiteboard and markers through the glass window. Most of the time, we enter the isolation wards only two times a day."

Redza said he has to hold his tears back sometimes because he knows the patients are overwhelmed with fear and loneliness

"I had to control myself so that my tears won't fall because every time we entered an isolation room, the first question the patient would ask is, 'Am I COVID-19 positive, doctor?'" Redza said.

When a quarantined mother and her child were under his care last Monday, Redza said the mother begged him to allow her husband to visit their child.

"'Please doctor, help me, only for a while,' begged the mother," he related.

Redza said he and his colleague almost broken down in tears after hearing the mother's plea.

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Despite sympathising with them, Redza said he could never allow the patients to meet their loved ones

The paediatrician said he feels sorry for the patients, but this is the stark reality of a COVID-19 PUI's journey.

"Only Allah knows the pain they go through. As for me, I will do whatever I can as a medical staff," he lamented.

"I leave the rest to Allah. I pray for their recovery during each of my prayers. Please, let us all pray for their recovery together."

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At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 19,000 reactions and 6,200 shares

Thousands of netizens shared their prayers in the comments section, while some commended the doctors' strong sense of duty.

"May you continue to persevere, be strong mentally and physically to handle the isolated patients. May the treatments for those who are sick be easier and eventually they all recover. Amin. We care," commented a netizen.

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"Good job, doctors for carrying out their duties with such resilient hearts (especially when) they are sacrificing their lives for the betterment of their patients," another person said.

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"May Allah bless the doctors and frontliners with strength and offer them good health. I hope that Allah will always protect them. Amin," wrote one Facebook user.

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You can read Redza's full post here:

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