Najib Claims People Who Say The BN Government Is Going To Fall Are Wrong

He also said that Malaysia is still a democracy and not a dictatorship.


While responding to a scathing criticism from Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who had remarked that Malaysia was heading towards a dictatorship like North Korea after the BN Government blocked access to news portal The Malaysian Insider, PM Najib once again insisted that his administration is not a dictatorship

“We are not an authoritarian government nor do we practise dictatorship. We are a government which upholds parliamentary democracy; every five years we will leave it to the rakyat to choose the government that they want,” said Najib in his speech at the launch of the Muhibbah Complex in Puchong on Saturday, 27 February.

Najib Razak arriving to a joint police-army training exercise at a shopping mall in KL earlier on 22 February.


Najib also denied claims that the government will collapse

"People say the government is going to fall, but they are wrong," he said

“Such claims are simply not true. What I can say is that the previous Budget was passed in Parliament with a large majority; it’s the same for various bills. That means we are not worried when it comes to political stability,” he said.

Najib, as head of the ruling party, who has sidelined party members raising questions about the scandal at the 1MDB, highlighted the country's continued high credit ratings from international financial bodies as proof his administration was running Malaysia well

“Recently, IMF gave a positive certification for the country's economy management, even Fitch gave us A- . We get positive approval of international rating agencies,” he said, referring to the International Monetary Fund by its abbreviation and a global credit rating agency respectively.

If anyone says that we don't run our country well, they have a political motive behind it. They don't mean well,” Najib added.

An undated photo of PM Najib Razak.

Image via Bernama

On the other hand, as Malaysiakini describes, in an "online display of civil disobedience", PM Najib's Facebook page was flooded with angry "emojis" as social media users went on a rampage

The most recent post on the premier's page last night garnered almost 10,000 ‘angry’ emojis, far outstripping the ‘love’ emoji (194), as well as the usual 'like' (4,600).

The deluge began soon after Facebook unleashed its brand new ‘reactions’ function.

Some netizens took a more direct approach in making their frustrations known in words, though many took the emoji route.

Malaysians have long taken to social media to express their frustrations with the government and dissatisfaction with the lack of explanation on a number of mega scandals. Many have been using creative ways to express their disdain for the powers-that-be, either through posts, artwork, and internet memes.

Meanwhile, UMNO has suspended its Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin, citing his failure to support the party president, Najib Razak:

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