Netizens Call Bluff On Influencer's Photo Of Bloodied Piano As Proof Of Her "Hardship"

The influencer had in the past posted an allegedly forged piano certificate and claimed that it is hers.

Cover image via Utar Confession (Facebook)

A Malaysian influencer has been called out for allegedly using a bloodied piano keyboard image that can be found on Google to portray a facade of how hard she practised for her piano exams in the past

The matter came to light in a now-deleted post written by an anonymous netizen and published on a forum-like Facebook page, Utar Confession, yesterday, 15 October.

"Is it just us who think that (the influencer) is very detestable?" the netizen began their confession-cum-exposé post.

"At first, I have to admit that my boyfriend and I really liked (the influencer). She knows how to play the piano; she is beautiful, tall, and fit. Looking at her makes our eyes wet."

"But I don't know when I start feeling that this person's character is very strange."

The netizen went on to say how the influencer had in the past posted a fake piano certificate to prove how hard she worked to be a professional pianist, but netizens later found out that she allegedly forged the certificate and replaced the recipient's name with hers.

Even though the influencer claimed that the photo was a deliberate setup to make her look bad, but the netizen contended that she never told her fans that the photo was not genuine when she first posted it.

A past controversy involving the said influencer forging a piano certificate to prove to her fans that she is a professional pianist.

Image via SAYS via Instagram

The netizen then highlighted the latest controversy the influencer orchestrated on her Instagram Story

In the screenshot of the influencer's Story, it shows a bloodstained piano keyboard.

The caption in the Story reads, "In the past, a day before exams or competitions, every minute in an hour was meticulously used."

"If I had 24 hours left, I practised 20 hours until my wrists, back, and hands were sore, and my nails broke and bled."

The netizen said when they first saw the influencer's Story, they were shocked that she was so committed.

But after thinking that she had in the past allegedly forged a piano certificate, they made a search for 'blood on piano' on Google and found the same exact photo the influencer used in her Instagram Story.

"In the end, the photo is really taken from Google! Walao eh... Do you have to go to this extent to flaunt yourself?" the netizen asked

"I really think she is geli (disgusting). You have money, look, talent, and body, but you have no brain."

"What do you think? Is it just me and my boyfriend? Haih," the confession post concluded.

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 1,000 likes and 700 shares.

SAYS is unable to verify if the said influencer had posted the Instagram Story as the post may have expired or removed at the time of publication.

The confession post attracted thousands of netizens to the comment section, with many people criticising the influencer for her boastfulness, while some tried to understand her struggles

One Facebook user envisaged how the influencer will respond to the allegation in the future.

"Later, she will publish a post saying: 'There wasn't a word that mentioned that the bloodied piano is my piano. I just said that my nails bled.'"

Image via Facebook

"Is it hard to understand? Because of the lack of love and attention, she keeps creating topics so that everyone can remember her existence," commented a netizen.

"Not only she is gaining exposure in the process, but she is also working towards getting to a higher place (in her career)."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another netizen wondered if the influencer is suffering any psychological problems.

"Actually, I think she does not need to prove her ability to anybody. She is really good at playing the piano (don't have to attack her over this). But I think it is weird to take other people's picture and post it on Instagram Story as if it is her own," a person said.

"After some thinking, I think she may be going through some psychological problems. Could it be that her mental health is compromised?"

Image via Facebook

Here's a screenshot of the now-deleted post:

Image via Facebook

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