Malaysian Influencer Faces Heated Backlash After Saying M-Sized Girls Are Fat

She has since deactivated her Instagram account, which had over one million followers.

Cover image via Facebook & China Press

A Malaysian fitness influencer named 'Lee' is under fire for saying that M-sized girls are fat

Image via China Press

In an Instagram Story, Lee wrote that Asian girls who wear size six or S are actually M-sized, which she deemed as "fat".

"In Asia, S means M, M means L. Anything above M is as sinful as obesity," Lee said to her one million followers.

She then stated that she is a size two or XXS and encouraged her fans to drop to size four or XS.

Image via China Press

"If you are size six and above, please stop eating and move your a** to the gym already," she added.

In Mandarin, she wrote that there is no such thing as clothes that can make you look skinny, and that the only way to look skinny all the time is to actually be skinny.

Screenshots of her statement have since gone viral on social media, and even sparked memes

One meme was shared over 3,000 times at the time of writing.

Lee has since deactivated her Instagram account, but not her Facebook page with 1.6 million followers

Many netizens have flocked to her Facebook page to criticise her.

Image via Facebook

"Where is your Instagram account? What happened to your statement on size M shirt?" a netizen asked.

Image via Facebook

"Honestly, all the hate you're receiving, you really brought it upon yourself. I'm sorry but did you not reread your post before you shared it to the world? You honestly don't deserve your fans," another netizen chastised.

Image via Facebook

One netizen wrote, "Do you even know the meaning of obese? How can you ask the people who are wearing size M and above to lose weight just because you think you're skinny and pretty?"

SAYS has reached out to Lee for a comment, but has yet to receive a response at the time of writing.

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