This Malaysian Is Making Loads Of Money From Selling Curry Puffs In China

Limited to 100 pieces a day!

Cover image via The Mamak Stall

A restaurant in Nanning, China called 'The Mamak Stall' is starting to gain popularity among the locals there

People lining up in front of 'The Mamak Stall' during the Pan Dela Super Racing Festival 2016 at Zhuhai International Circuit in Guangdong, China.

Image via The Mamak Stall

What's really interesting is that these people are queuing up not for the roti canai or teh tarik, but for our curry puffs!

Image via The Mamak Stall

Here's the catch, these curry puffs actually cost an exorbitant 12 Chinese Yuan (RM7) each!

Image via The Mamak Stall

Back here in Malaysia, curry puffs could be as cheap as RM0.50 for the smaller ones, while bigger curry puffs may only cost from RM1 to RM3.50 each, at most.

Putting aside the price, people are also going crazy over this yummy snack because the shop only sells a limited 100 pieces of curry puffs daily, on a first-come-first-served basis

Image via The Mamak Stall

Wonder who's behind this ingenious idea?

It's none other than the 30-year-old Malaysian, Huang Xin Yi (direct translation).

Huang, who is from Johor Bahru, told Nanyang Siang Pau in an exclusive interview that she worked in a bank in Singapore for three years before starting up this business in China. In that three years, the most rewarding and exciting thing she said was the annual bonus.

She explained that she has been having this desire to run her own business since her university days, when she was still studying marketing.

Her desire was reignited after three years of working at the bank, and despite having only SGD30,000 (RM90,000) from her savings, she was determined to go overseas alone to seek for better opportunities.

Huang set up 'The Mamak Stall' restaurant, which began its operation in June last year and the business has been flourishing ever since

Image via The Mamak Stall

The inventive 30-year-old told Nanyang Siang Pau, that if she were to open a cafe or a restaurant selling bak kut teh (a popular pork-based dish) in Malaysia or Singapore, she would have faced stiff competition and risked running out of business.

She also said that she has never thought of embarking on her entrepreneurial journey until she participated in the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning, China four years ago. That experience led to her inspiration of coming up with a business idea.

Though she was not very confident initially, Huang, in an attempt to motivate herself, reminded herself to take the chance while she was still young, as she can afford to take the risk and bear the consequences.

While 'The Mamak Stall' is mostly known for its curry puffs, it also serves other delicious Malaysian delicacies

Image via The Mamak Stall
Image via The Mamak Stall
Image via The Mamak Stall

Locals in Nanning, China love the curry puffs so much to the point that some customers may even buy and eat up to six curry puffs at one go, Huang said.

Besides curry puffs, 'The Mamak Stall' also offers a wide range of Malaysian Chinese, Nyonya, Malay and Indian cuisine, as it calls itself the "first authentic Malaysian cafe in Nanning".

Huang is definitely enjoying her taste of success so far, as she has opened her second outlet last August, just two months after the first outlet opened its door for business in Nanning.

She told Nanyang Siang Pau that her future plans wold involve making 'The Mamak Stall' a retail chain.

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