Netizens Are Bashing This Malaysian Shampoo Ad… But It’s Actually A Parody

The video went viral on multiple social media channels like 9GAG and Twitter.

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A locally produced "shampoo ad" which shows a Muslim woman putting shampoo foam on her hijab has gone viral after it was posted on social media a few days ago

The short clip has gone viral worldwide on social media platforms like 9GAG, YouTube, and Twitter.

The 15-second clip has been widely discussed and ridiculed by local and foreign netizens

Many people felt offended and expressed their disapproval with comments like “Absurd shampoo ad. is absurd. This is not how it works, this is not how any of this works,” on Twitter and “Malaysians are the stupidest Asians” in 9GAG.

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Image via 9GAG

A number of netizens have labelled Malaysia as a "country with draconian laws"

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Here's the thing - what most people fail to realise is that this is NOT an actual shampoo commercial. In fact, it's a snippet from a parody video.

The clip was taken from a parody video titled 'Budak 90an Je Tahu Iklan-Iklan Macam Ni' (Only '90s Kids Will Understand This).

According to Cilisos, the video was created by a local production house to promote brand awareness for a hijab company and to showcase how comfy the hijabs are. It was said to have been inspired by a popular Sunsilk ad from 2006.

A number of Malaysians have since voiced their dissatisfaction over the misleading clip

Image via 9GAG
Image via 9GAG
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We can't stress this enough - always, always fact check everything you see or read online. Just because it's out on the Internet, doesn't mean it's true. Research, guys.

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