M'sian Disney Employee Shares What It's Like Working At The Happiest Place On Earth

"Growing up in Malaysia, never could I have imagined I would fly halfway across the world to eventually work for Disney, let alone have them support my educational aspirations."

Cover image via Sean Yeoh Shun Ming (Provided to SAYS)

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A Malaysian living in the United States took to social media to share his joy after earning his master's degree while working at 'the happiest place on Earth' — Disney

"Growing up in Malaysia, never could I have imagined I would fly halfway across the world to eventually work for Disney, let alone have them support my educational aspirations," Sean Yeoh Shun Ming shared on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits on 10 June.

He said, like so many of the group's 1.9 million members, he is the first generation in his family to have obtained a tertiary education and a bachelor's degree, let alone a master's.

"I am beyond grateful to have been given this opportunity to prove myself and inspire others in my family."

"Let's see how long this can make my parents proud until I start bringing dishonour again," he joked.

Speaking to SAYS, Yeoh shared that he hails from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and left for university in the United States in 2012

"I was raised in Malaysia for most of my life and both of my parents are Malaysian," the 28-year-old clarified.

He added that he has stayed in the US since his studies and now currently lives with his wife and brother in Florida, while most of the family is back home.

"Although the future is hard to predict, there is a version where we might eventually move back to Malaysia to be closer to family and our roots," Yeoh said.

"Realistically though, I would love to work for Disney until the end, so we'll see how things go!"

Yeoh and his wife at a Cast-exclusive preview of the Mickey & Minnie Runaway Railway ride at Walt Disney World.

Image via Sean Yeoh Shun Ming (Provided to SAYS)

Yeoh revealed that he has been working for The Walt Disney Company for over four years now, with the dream of many more years to go

He told SAYS that he landed a job in Disney in 2017, soon after graduating from university and leaving his first job in another internationally-based company.

Over the four years, Yeoh said he has held various roles in the company, but his current job is as a Contact Centre Coordinator in Disney World.

"I certainly do consider it my dream job!" he exclaimed, when asked if it was so.

Yeoh explained that besides coordinating and working on projects to improve Contact Centre operations, he is also in charge of planning events in recognition and celebration of other Disney employees, called Casts.

"I love what I do for the company, especially in relation to recognition. I find it fulfilling to create events and come up with creative ideas to recognise and appreciate the Casts, who are the heart of the company," he said.

As part of the team that gives away tokens of appreciation to fellow staff, Yeoh also told SAYS of Disney's other employee benefits

First of all, he confirmed that all employees do have unlimited admission to all Disney theme parks.

"Disney truly has some amazing employee benefits. Beyond that, perks can range from anything like discounted merchandise, hotel stays, or cruises, all the way to Cast-exclusive recognition events or Cast-previews for upcoming rides and experiences," Yeoh proudly shared.

However, he is most grateful for Disney's scholarship programme, Disney Aspire, where the company sponsors 100% of any employee's education should they seek to pursue it.

"As someone who has always planned to eventually do a master's, the programme presented the perfect opportunity for me to participate in it," he said, adding that he heard about it through an internal company announcement.

"I obtained my Master's in Business Administration through the programme, and I'm grateful to Disney for supporting my educational aspirations," he said.

With all that said, Yeoh is still excited because he is sure that his story with Disney is only just beginning

"I know this will not be my last role within the company as I continue to grow and gain as much experience as I can from one of the biggest companies in the world, so I invite everyone to follow along this magical journey!" he said.

He promised to update his journey on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits and is thankful for all the Malaysian pride and well-wishes that he has received on his post so far.

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