[VIDEO] M'sian Thanks Locals For Fixing 3KM Backroad In Perak To Beat Raya Traffic

"They came out of their homes and worked together to help us. This is the true spirit of Malaysia," he said.

Cover image via Zairul Annuar (Facebook)

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A Malaysian road user has taken to social media to share a heartwarming moment he experienced while driving back from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur after the Hari Raya holidays

Facebook user Zairul Annuar said he and his wife had left Ipoh at around 7.30pm on Saturday night, 13 April, when Google Maps had warned them about a traffic standstill on the main highway.

"Due to the heavy traffic, we decided to exit at Gopeng to take the inner roads," he recounted.

However, soon after, Zairul said the navigation app also alerted them to severe congestion on the small inner roads in Ladang Bikam.

"The app asked if we wanted to take an alternative route, and I agreed without hesitation after seeing the long red line on the app," he said.

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Image via Alessio Merighi/Pexels

Zairul said he soon found himself driving onto an unpaved road in an oil palm plantation in the dark

"We continued our journey slowly. But then, we started seeing several cars heading back towards us from the opposite direction. One car stopped beside us to inform us that the path ahead cannot be used.

"They directed us to turn back. All the cars behind us were also instructed to do the same," he recalled.

Fortunately, the road users' plight was observed by a group of locals from the nearby residential area, who came out to help them

Zairul said a group of Chinese men stopped their cars and urged them not to head back to Ladang Bikam because a road accident had caused a bad traffic jam there.

"Boss, you're heading back to KL, right? Don't turn back here. The path ahead of you is blocked, right? Don't worry. We'll bring a backhoe to repair that road. You wait a moment," he was told.

Zairul said he was moved as he watched the Chinese residents help smoothen the road and ease the journey for Malay drivers who were returning from their hometowns to Kuala Lumpur

"They came out of their homes and worked together to help us. The people of Perak are amazing. This is powerful, this is the true spirit of Malaysia," he said, sharing a video of one of the men manoeuvring a backhoe in the background while the others waved the drivers by.

After that 3km stretch, Zairul said he continued driving with no other incidents and arrived back in Nilai at 2am.

His post has since garnered over 8,000 likes and 4,000 shares, with netizens praising the local residents' act of kindness.

Watch Zairul's viral video here:

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