M'sian YouTuber Hits Back At Netizens For Body Shaming Her 'Flat Chest'

"But truth be told, I am very proud of myself."

Cover image via @okokokmou (Instagram)

A Malaysian YouTuber was recently ridiculed by netizens, who called her 'flat-chested' on her vacation photos on Instagram

Madeleine Ang, also known to her fans as Okokokmou, is a local YouTuber who has acted in a web series and appeared in many videos online.

Since last weekend, Ang has been posting a series of photos of herself at Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

In them, she can be seen posing in swimwear with the turquoise sea behind her.

However, instead of sharing the joy Ang had with her friends at the picturesque beach, some netizens decided to make an issue out of her figure.

"Small boobie monster," remarked an Instagram user

"Flat chest?" inquired another person, while another suggested that her chest is like "KLIA".

Image via Instagram

"You are flatter than my grandma's flat-bottom pot," wrote one. 

A netizen even said, "Although it is small, it is okay. I can still have sex with you."

Image via Instagram

Ang did not take the insults lying down. She replied to the comments with fire, warning them of the consequences of their words, or taking a similar jab back at them.

In an Instagram Story, Ang said she is unfazed by the derogatory comments and declared that she is proud of her physique

"I have always considered myself having small breasts and known to be the 'airport' girl since I was a child," she wrote in the caption.

"Not only that, but I am also very short and not particularly good looking, just like an underdeveloped child."

But truth be told, I am very proud of myself.
Madeleine Ang

She related that it has always been her dream to be a model who gets to try on many different clothes.

Although she does not meet the necessary requirements to become a model, Ang said she likes to put on different styles to express her unique personality.

"Some styles are well-received, while some people can't stand with them," she shared. 

"But I am very happy because I get to do what I want to do. I am fulfilling my dreams and I am not hurting anyone in the process."

Ang also took the opportunity to assure her 170,000 followers on Instagram that she is not offended by the negative comments

At the same time, she told women around the world to never be discouraged by the words of naysayers.  

Don't lose your own unique charm simply because you don't conform to other people's aesthetic standards.
Madeleine Ang

"As long as you are not hurting anyone, you should always be yourself," said the online personality.

Shortly after posting the Instagram Story, thousands of netizens flooded the comment section of her latest post to thank her for courageous and empowering words

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 1,280 comments while her usual posts typically gather less than 100 comments.

"I love your attitude. You have a cheerful outlook. If I see those online haters, I will help you report their comments," wrote a user.

"Sister, you must keep going! Don't care how others look at you. No man would have dared to say out loud that they have a small penis anyway. You look the best in the way you are," cheered another person.

"Dear haters, I like Okokokmou. I don't care what you guys think," said a netizen.

Image via Instagram

Did you know cyberbullying, which includes body shaming, is a punishable offence?

In a 2018 study, Malaysia is ranked second in Asia for cyberbullying among youth:

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