Malaysians Can Catch The 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse From 4.02PM To 9.56PM Later Today

This will be the final total lunar eclipse until 14 March 2025.

Cover image via Mike Blake/Reuters/CNBC & @NewsBFM (Twitter)

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Malaysians will be able to observe the rare 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse later today, from 4.02pm to 9.56pm

"The Full Moon Eclipse phenomenon on 8 November 2022 will occur 5.8 days before the Moon is at its furthest position from Earth, at a distance of 404,923km away," wrote the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) in a post on their Facebook page.

According to the space agency, the phenomenon can be seen in five continents around the world — Asia, Australia, North America, South America, as well as northern and eastern parts of Europe. 

This phenomenon is said to occur when the Moon disk passes through the Earth's umbra shadow axis, which is located at the centre of the Earth's shadow. The reddish hue that is said to paint the moon at this time is a result of the moon being completely covered by the Earth's shadow.

A visual of the 'Blood Moon'.

Image via Mike Blaker/Reuters/CNBC

However, the phenomenon cannot be seen in Malaysia at the beginning of the phase, as the eclipse occurs when the moon is below the Earth's horizon

Providing visuals on their Twitter page, MYSA reveals an in-depth graphic on the time that would be the most suitable for Malaysians to check out the Blood Moon, which is said to be the best at about 7pm.

Approximate timings on when to see the Blood Moon.

Image via @MYSAagensi (Twitter)

"The people of Malaysia will have the opportunity to witness the phenomenon when the moon begins to rise on the eastern horizon, with the people of Sabah and Sarawak getting to experience the phase when it is in a full lunar eclipse, while those in Western Malaysia will get to see it during the maximum lunar eclipse phase, until it ends at 9.56pm," wrote MYSA.

Observers are further advised to ensure that no obstacles or other forms of obstruction is present in the area, so as to witness the eclipse.

Set your alarms and don't miss the last total lunar eclipse until 2025!

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