Get Ready To Say Goodbye To The Classic Old SmartTAG

Its after-sales service will be discontinued effective 1 July.

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SmartTAG OBU 330 has been with us for over a decade

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The classic, bulky SmartTAG was our first shot at going through highway tolls fast, and a massive upgrade from using the Touch 'N Go lanes. 

However, Touch 'N Go announced yesterday, 25 June, that they will be stopping the after-sales service of the old SmartTAG soon

Image via Ana Suzana

In a statement, the company said the repair components of the SmartTAG OBU 330 are now "obsolete, scarce, and some parts can no longer be sourced". 

Hence, the after-sales service of this SmartTAG model will officially be discontinued effective 1 July.

Owners of this SmartTAG model can continue to use it but will be unable to repair it anymore from 1 July onwards

However, the units that are currently in repair will continue to be fixed.

Goodbye, classic SmartTAG!

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You can read the statement by Touch 'N Go here:

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