Malaysians Have Contributed RM7 Million To The Tabung Harapan Fund In Just 24 Hours

"Truly, Malaysians have taken their patriotism to greater heights."

Cover image via Malay Mail

Within 24 hours since its launch, Malaysians have contributed more than RM7 million to the fund that was set up to help ease the burden of the Government's debts

Image via Malay Mail

As donations came pouring in, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the amount was reached at 3pm on 31 May.

"We are humbled by the magnanimity of Malaysians who have been channelling non-stop funds to help the Government repay the national debt of over RM1 trillion.

"Truly, Malaysians have taken their patriotism to greater heights, willing to part with their allowances, and spare cash to rebuild the nation," Lim said at a press conference, reported by The Star.

He thanked Malaysians for their generosity and assured that the money will not be used for anything else except to reduce the national debt

"It's up to people how much they want to donate, it can be big or small," he said, adding that all the money collected will be audited.

"It's one way for Malaysians to show they are sehati, sejiwa, seraga (one heart, one spirit, one body) with the country."

The trust fund was set up on 30 May after many Malaysians expressed their desire to help

Activist and law graduate Shazarina Bakti was the first Malaysian to have initiated one of the crowdfunding campaigns which collected up to RM13,476.57.

The Tabung Harapan fund is still currently open for donations, with the latest amounts shown on the Finance Ministry website at 3pm daily.

"All the monies donated are tax deductible and so Malaysians are advised to keep their receipts for transactions," he added.

Donations are only accepted in Ringgit and can be deposited into this Maybank account number - 566010626452.

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