Overseas Malaysians! Here's How You Can Register As A Postal Voter Online

All Malaysians aged 18 and above living abroad are now allowed to vote by post.

Cover image via Bernama & The Malaysian Insight

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Editor's note: The Election Commission has fixed 12 August as the polling day for the 2023 state elections. Postal voting applications close on 8 July.

Thanks to the constitutional amendments under 'Undi18', all Malaysians aged 18 and above living overseas are now allowed to vote by post

Image via Bernama

Previously, only military personnel, government servants, and full-time students were allowed to cast their ballots while living overseas

However, from 15 December 2021, the minimum voting age was lowered to 18 and automatic voter registration came into effect, simultaneously introducing over 5.6 million new voters into the Malaysian electoral roll.

These changes also effectively mean that all Malaysians aged 18 and above living abroad in any part of the world are automatically registered voters, and if they would like to vote in the upcoming elections, they would only need to apply for the service of postal voting.

If you are a Malaysian living overseas and looking to vote in the upcoming state elections, you will need to register for a MySPR account to apply for postal voting

MySPR is an online portal launched by the Election Commission (EC) in July 2019.

Visit the website here and click on 'Permohonan Baru'.

You will need to submit these details to register:
- Your full name and address based on your MyKad
- A valid mobile phone number
- A valid email address
- A front image of your MyKad
- A selfie with your MyKad

Your MySPR account will take one to two days to be approved.

Image via MySPR
Image via MySPR

Once approved, log into your MySPR account and click on 'Permohonan' under the 'Undi Pos' sidemenu

In the form, select 'Pengundi Luar Negara' as your category.

Enter your passport number and other details, and then, most importantly, fill in the mailing address where you want your ballot paper to be sent.

And that's it! You will receive a notification and an email stating that your application is in progress.

You can also check the status of your postal voting application on the MySPR Semak website here.

If your application is successful, the EC will send you an email

According to Bersih, the ballot paper will be posted by the EC to your mailing address when the elections are called.

After receiving your postal ballot paper kit, you will have to mark the ballot, fill in a form, and insert them back into an envelope.

You will have to deliver your marked ballot via courier service or regular postal service at your own cost. You may also hand deliver the postal ballots to your Returning Officer in Malaysia.

Remember to mark your choices clearly and post the ballot back as soon as possible.

Voting is a right, so let's prepare for the next elections!

Image via GIPHY

The Election Commission has fixed 12 August as the polling day for the upcoming state elections:

During GE15, these Malaysians tried their very best to get their postal votes safely home:

Before 'Undi18' was implemented, voters had to register themselves online or in person at state election offices, post offices, or overseas Malaysian embassies:

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