[VIDEO] M'sians Praise Indonesian Minister For Telling Off Civil Servants Caught Slacking

"You all work for the Ministry of Social Affairs! Please! The people are having a difficult time while you all are still here earning a salary every month!" she shouted at them.

Cover image via @metro_tv (TikTok)

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Indonesian Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini was caught on video scolding her ministry's civil servants after they were found slacking off at a public kitchen

According to a video posted by Indonesian news agency Metro TV on TikTok, Risma – her nickname among locals – was visiting the kitchen at Wyataguna Hall in Bandung, West Java last Tuesday, 13 July.

The public kitchen was set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs (MENSOS) to distribute aid to the poor and to those who are in self-isolation.

She aims for Wyataguna Hall to produce 2,000 food packages a day to be distributed in the Greater Bandung area, reported Bisnis.

However, during her visit, she found that there was not enough equipment to carry out the mass cooking and some people were standing about and reluctant to help in the kitchen

"Please learn from now on. You all work for the Ministry of Social Affairs! Understand?" she lambasted the kitchen staff, angry and disappointed, and even scolded someone for playing music at the hall too loudly.

"The situation is so hard right now. Please! The people are having a difficult time while you all are still here earning a salary every month!"

She asked them to think about others trying to make a living but are still earning too little.

"How else am I supposed to feed them?! Starting now, I don't ever want to see this [behaviour] again. If I do, I'll send you all to Papua," she warned.

The minister's impassioned reprimanding went viral, gaining almost nine million views on TikTok alone

The video has also since spread to other social media platforms. On Twitter, it gained the attention and praise of Malaysians with one Tweet garnering close to 12,000 Retweets.

"This minister has gone viral before for walking down a stage to scold an officer for talking during her speech. I can see Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz in her. Firm and loud when taking care of the people's welfare. Great leader," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another user said, "She really is crazy good. I've seen a documentary about her, showing that she closed red light districts and many were angry until her family members were even threatened. But now, she has made more parks over malls, complete with WiFi access, and the streets are cleaned twice a day."

Image via Twitter

This user said, "I have a friend from Surabaya. And when I asked her about this mayor, it's clear this mayor is loved by the people. When can we get leaders like this?"

Image via Twitter

Watch Metro TV's TikTok here:


(13/7) Kejadian marahnya MENSOS Risma karena kurangnya peralatan & SDM di dapur umum. Sementara ada ASN lain enggan membantu di dapur umum.

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