This Australian Chef Cooked Nasi Goreng But Called It Nasi Lemak On TV

Thanks for promoting Malaysian cuisine but... what?

Cover image via Good Chef Bad Chef

A viral video of an Australian chef, who cooked nasi goreng but called it nasi lemak, earlier this year has resurfaced – and it's still confusing many Malaysians

Chef Adrian Richardson from Australian cooking show, 'Good Chef Bad Chef', said in the video that he travels to and fro Malaysia quite often and wanted to create his version of nasi lemak.

A video clip of the episode went viral with over 36,000 views since it was posted on Facebook in March.

In the video, Richardson adds nasi goreng paste to his "version of nasi lemak" and the final result looks like, well, a fancy version of nasi goreng

He cooked the "nasi lemak" with leftover rice and veges, then added a prawn sambal-like dish, nuts, spring onions, egg, and cucumbers to the side.

Naturally, many netizens slammed the chef for his misinterpretation of the classic Malaysian dish

One netizen said, "This is like buying a bicycle and calling it a Porsche because they both have wheels."

One kind makcik even offered to teach the chef how to cook nasi lemak herself

While others claimed that the perhaps the TV producers should have done a little more research on the dish beforehand

You can watch the video on how to make "nasi lemak" here:

Update: The original video has since been removed but we found a version of the clip below.

If you wanna cook the dish regardless of its name, you can also find the recipe here. :p

Earlier this year, a MasterChef UK contestant was kicked out of the competition after being told that her chicken rendang was not "crispy":

Later, the judges said that they meant that the chicken was not cooked and representing the dish enough:

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