Malaysians Slam Public Service Department For Saying That "Annual Leaves Are Not A Right"

"You guys are putting the 'servant' back in 'public servant'."

Cover image via @jpagov (X) & Mohd Fadli Hamzah/New Straits Times

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The Public Service Department (JPA) has drawn flak for publishing posts on social media that say "annual leaves are not a right"

In separate posts on Facebook and X on Tuesday, 27 February, the department claimed that many civil servants have the wrong perception about their days off from work.

"Leaves are not our right. It is a privilege provided by the government to civil servants.

"Please refer to General Order Circular 7 to 11 Chapter C (Leave) and MyPPSM SR.5.1.1 to know more about annual leaves," the department said.

JPA then shared an infographic detailing the differences between annual leaves, sick leaves, and emergency leaves.

The social media postings did not sit well with many Malaysians, who argued that leaves are indeed an employee's right

Others also questioned the government agency for its provocative choice of words that were meant to convey an informative message.

"Leaves are not our right? Yes, you guys are putting the 'servant' back in 'public servant'," said an X user.

Image via X

Another user replied, "When a department like yours says leaves are not a right, are you saying that leaves in the Employment Act 1955 do not apply to civil servants? Because leave entitlement is provided for in that act."

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A netizen asked, "Why are you disrespecting the rights of a civil servant?"

"Everyone is entitled to leaves and rest, we are humans, not servants. After all, rest is important for a healthy and productive employee.

"Can we change the JPA employee responsible? This is too cruel," they said.

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The documents highlighted by JPA in their posts, General Order Circular 7 to 11 Chapter C (Leave) and MyPPSM SR.5.1.1, detail the conditions civil servants are required to fulfil to utilise the different types of leave.

However, it is not stated at any point in the documents that "annual leaves are not a right".

Here are all the important rights you are entitled to as an employee in Malaysia:

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