Man Arrested For Tying A Cat To A Moving Motorcycle Said Voices Told Him To

Police are still on the hunt for the suspect who drove the vehicle.

Cover image via Detik News

On Sunday, 10 February, a video taken of a cat tied to and dragged by a motorcycle in Indonesia went viral

The 15-second video was taken by Wiradesa resident Diefie Hafiez Maufalia, who was looking for her cat Mio, when she saw the incident involving a similar looking cat.

Despite being outraged, she was afraid of the men's reaction if she called them out.

Image via Detik News

"I saw them at a road in Babel Village, Wonokerto Sub-district going in the direction of [Wonokerto] beach, at around 11.30am. The passenger behind was the one who pulled the cat, but I wasn't sure if the cat was still alive or not," Diefie told Detik News.

The woman's cat has yet to return to her.

Based on the motorcycle's license plate in the video, Wiradesa Police were able to track down and arrest one of the suspects

Police revealed that the man, identified by his initials ML, and the other suspect beat the cat until it stopped moving.

They then tied a rope around it's neck and dragged it on the motorcycle.

Image via Detik News

Police are still on the hunt for the suspect who drove the vehicle.

When asked for the reason behind the animal abuse, the 29-year-old said that he "heard voices" that told him to torture the cat because it was evil

However, Wiradesa Police Chief Yoris Prabowo explained that ML was brought to a Pekalongan hospital to check on his mental health as he kept changing his explanations during the inspection.

Police have yet to confirm whether the cat survived the abuse, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

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