[VIDEO] What Kind Of Man Spits In A Woman's Face, Multiple Times?

The video of a man who lost his cool at the Woodlands Bus Interchange in Singapore and seen spitting in a lady's face multiple times has gone viral.

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A man lost his cool at the Woodlands Bus Interchange in Singapore when he was accused of cutting queue

The lady in blue was queuing up waiting for 950 to go back home. This singaporean suddenly cuts her queue, she asked him to queue up behind.

He said he went off to buy a drink at the shop nearby and came back. According to Facebook user Sia Jianhe, who uploaded the viral video, "nobody saw him"

He claims that he was in the queue just now. But he went off to buy a drink at the shop nearby and came back. He claims that he is in the queue, nobody saw him.

The man became outraged and spat in the face of a lady in blue, he also almost punched the bus driver, who scolded him for delaying bus departure

Bus came. All in the queue went up the bus, this guy spitted on the blue lady multiple times before he went up too, everyone complaints. He pushed the blue lady down the bus and spitted saliva on her face multiple times.. (estimated +- 10x) , she went to call the control room personnels to scene.

He fought back verbally when he was shouted at by bus passengers, rushed to the back door and stopped a lady in green

he rushed to the back door stopping ppl from coming down but failed becos alot of guys pushed him aside. This green lady was unlucky, got stopped by him. He said she scolded him in the bus just now and there is none of her business why she KPO.

He refused to let her board the second bus, spat in her face and pushed her from the front. She then shouted, "Molest! Molest!"

He denied. He spitted saliva at her face multiple times (estimate 10++) again.. He tried to run to board the second bus, but those ppl pushed in out.. haha. lucky he didn't escape, if not police come also cannot catch this guy. (My video started recording).

WATCH THE VIDEO: The incidents that followed

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SMRT issued a media statement on 23 Oct stating that the incident is currently under police investigation

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is a premier multi-modal transport service provider with interests in Operations and Maintenance services, engineering consultancy and project management services.

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