Man Detained By Police For Harassing A Woman & Refusing To Move His Double-Parked Car

He was blocking a woman's car, which was parked in front of a restaurant in Port Dickson.

Cover image via @MALAYSIAVIRALLL (Twitter)

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A Malaysian man was detained by police after a video of him verbally abusing a woman while refusing to move his vehicle went viral on social media

In the 34-second clip that was posted on various social media platforms, the man can be seen sitting in his Perodua Kelisa while texting on his phone.

The woman who recorded the video asked him to move his vehicle as he was blocking her car, which was parked in front of a restaurant in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Despite being told to move his double-parked car several times, the man continued to ignore her and proceeded to call his friend.

"She's taking a photo lah, she's a b---h lah! Motherf---er, she's a b---h lah," he shouted.

"Oh, she's taking my photo lah, she wants me to f--k her tonight lah," he continued.

Following the viral video, Port Dickson district police chief Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed said that the man has been detained to facilitate further investigations

Aidi said that a woman had filed a police report regarding the incident that occurred on Monday, 10 April, at approximately 6.30pm, reported New Straits Times.

"The case is being investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code and Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955 for disrespecting others and uttering foul, abusive language in public," said Aidi.

"A urine test carried out found that the suspect tested negative and he does not have a criminal record," he added.

He also warned the public not to comment on the video because doing so could jeopardise public safety and order.

The video of the incident can be found here:

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