Driver Flips Middle Finger After Cutting Queue At A Toll Plaza Near Sunway

The incident happened yesterday afternoon.

Cover image via Facebook/Neysa Anwar

Photos of a man showing his middle finger after cutting the queue at a toll plaza in Klang Valley went viral yesterday, 27 December

A Facebook user who goes by the name, Neysa Anwar posted a status with six photos of the man shown flipping the bird at a toll plaza near Sunway, yesterday afternoon

Neysa's status read:

"This man really selfish and no manners. Orang lain que panjang almost half an hour sampai jammed belakang dia boleh terus masuk then bila orang hon and asked him to que dia tak puas hati dia keluar ketuk cermin and then tunjuk middle finger. (Other people queued for almost half an hour and this guy just cut the queue and when people questioned him, he wasn't happy about. So, he got out of his car, knocked on the person's window and showed his middle finger) whatt????"

"Then he's not even angkat tangan or say sorry. Orang belakang beratur panjang and even hon juga. (He didn't even lift up his hands or apologise. People at the back have been queuing for so long and even honked at him.) If someone knew him and meet him at somewhere please teach him some manner. Semua orang rushing not only him. (He's not the only one who's in a rush) Pfffttt typical malaysian -Tol before masuk sunway."

According to Neysa, the man had cut the queue, stepped out of his car angrily when people started honking, knocked on a car's window and nonchalantly showed his middle finger before driving away

The post has garnered more than 12,000 likes and 20,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

Would you cut the queue at a toll plaza if you were in a rush? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

News of unethical drivers is on the rise of late. Just yesterday, videos of a local bus driver caught smoking and texting while driving went viral:

Earlier this month, another driver was criticised and chided for throwing rubbish out of his car:

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