Man Uses Google Maps To See Photos Of Late Grandma Every CNY After Losing Her To Cancer

He would check on the image every now and then to tell his grandma that he is doing well in life.

Cover image via @retroridersg (TikTok)

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Losing a loved one and learning to cope with that loss can be one of life's most trying experiences

One Singaporean man who goes by the username @retroridersg on TikTok recently shared how he has been coping with losing his grandmother for the past two years.

In a 14-second clip posted by the user, he shares a screen recording of himself using the Google Maps application while setting the address to 840 Hougang Central, Singapore.

He then scrolls through the app and taps on the image from February 2009.

The man continues to zoom in on the photo, which shows two women standing next to a traffic light, waiting to cross the busy road.

He reveals in the video's caption that one of the women, a lady wearing a purple shirt and carrying multiple plastic bags, is his late grandmother.

The man said that he uses Google Maps every year during the Chinese New Year holiday to view that image of his late grandmother because he misses her presence

He revealed to MS News, a Singaporean news publication, that he lost his grandmother to cancer two years ago during the country's COVID-19 lockdown.

The Singaporean went on to say that he had the chance to show the picture to his late grandma while she was still alive.

He also joked with her about whether she saw a Google Street View car while she was waiting to cross the street.

Today, he would check on the image every now and then to keep her memory alive and to tell his grandmother that he is doing well in life.

The man also said that the image of his grandmother holding the plastic bags full of groceries would bring him great joy because the woman was a great cook who had helped raise him and his siblings through her food.

Netizens sympathised with the man in the comment section

One user commented that the video touched her.

"It is nice that you have this memory of her. I hope Google doesn't delete this photo of her," they wrote.

Image via TikTok

Another commented that their father who has dementia is also on Google Street View and that it means so much to them and their family.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, one user suggested that the man save the image in case Google deletes it from their servers.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video here:

@retroridersg Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma. #fyp #foryoupage #coldplayyellow #cny2023 #grandma original sound - Lariexxx

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