Man In Johor Lived With His Mother's Decomposing Body For 4 Months

The 40-year-old has been diagnosed with depression.

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On 10 May, a man in Tangkak, Johor was discovered to have been living with his deceased mother's corpse for four months

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The 85-year-old passed away on 13 January after unexpectedly losing consciousness, China Press reported.

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Her son, who has been diagnosed with depression, was the only person living with her at the time.

After realising that his mother had passed away, the 40-year-old decided to leave her on the chair she was sitting on.

Every day for four months, he ate his meals beside her decomposing corpse.

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When her body began to smell, he closed the doors and windows to contain the odour within the house and prevent flies from coming in.

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A neighbour reportedly noticed a strong smell coming from the house, but assumed it was the 85-year-old's urine and faeces after seeing the man throw yellow liquid from a container.

In April, the man's cousin attempted to visit the 85-year-old but was told not to

Despite his persistence, she went to the house on 10 May. He then broke the news that his mother had passed away a while ago.

The woman immediately reported the case to the police.

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The corpse was sent to Hospital Tangkak for an autopsy and further investigation.

No suspicious scars or wounds were found on the body.

On 11 May, the man revealed that he did not report his mother's death to the police because he feared that he would be arrested, Guang Ming reported.

He only realised that she had passed away a day after her death, when her body began swelling up.

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The 40-year-old was the only person to attend his mother's wake.

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