[VIDEO] Man Reunites With His Biological Mum After Being Separated At Birth 48 Years Ago

He travelled from Seri Kembangan, Selangor to Machap, Johor to meet her for the very first time.

Cover image via @eyda_badri (TikTok)

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A video showing a 48-year-old Malaysian meeting his biological mother for the very first time since birth has gone viral on TikTok

According to New Straits Times, the video was posted by the man's wife, Eyda Badri.

In the video, the man, identified as Ahmad Suffian Mohd Shafie, travelled from Seri Kembangan, Selangor to Machap, Johor to finally meet his mother, whom he was separated from at birth.

Initially, Suffian's mother did not recognise him

When Suffian pointed to a mole on his face during the reunion and asked if she could recognise him, the woman, who is in her late 60s, replied in the negative, reported the English daily.

However, when Suffian mentioned his late father's name, Mohd Shafie @ Piyee, the woman immediately responded in the positive, saying that he was her former husband.

According to the report, she then went on to say that she had a son with Shafie, and the boy's name is Suffian. She said that she was separated from him after giving birth to the boy 48 years ago.

In the video, the woman continues to explain how her son was taken to Perak after she gave birth and how she had not seen him since, not realising that the man she was speaking to was her own son.

Suffian then points to the photo on his identification card and his face, asking, "Isn't it me?"

Immediately, his mother becomes emotional and bursts into tears.

The video, which was posted earlier this week, has garnered over 700k views and thousands of comments from people moved by the reunion

"I am also feeling very emotional. Alhamdulillah, they finally meet," wrote one of the commentators, while another complimented Suffian's wife for helping in the search for her husband's mother.

"So nice of the wife... for being together with him in his search," read the comment in Bahasa Melayu.

Many wondered what it would be like to finally meet their own separated family members.

"I would like to find three of my brothers and sisters, whom I have never met," commented one.

Watch the video here:


ni sy kongsikan video ori misi mencari ibu suami. terima kasih bnyk² pd yg membantu km mencari, #fyp alhamdulillah

bunyi asal - eyda badri - eyda badri

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