Man Surprised To Find RM37,249 Of Unclaimed Money With The Govt

This is a public service announcement to check whether you have any unclaimed money on eGUMIS too.

Cover image via @chyiconazrul (Twitter) & eGUMIS

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One netizen was surprised to find he had RM37,249 under the care of the government after chancing upon an article about unclaimed money during the COVID-19 pandemic

Twitter user @chyiconazrul said he was grateful to have found the money in a time of need.

"I claimed the money during the Movement Control Order (MCO), it was very helpful at the time," he wrote.

He said this in reply to a Twitter thread by local automotive news journalist, Paul Tan, who also shared that he found RM900 of unclaimed money in his eGUMIS account.

The journalist had encouraged Malaysians to check their account too.

"Is this free money or what? No, it's memang my money. Money that I had no idea I had, and you might have money like this too," Tan tweeted.

eGUMIS (Electronic Government Unclaimed Moneys Information System) is an online portal launched by the Accountant General's Department (AGD) for the public to check if they have unclaimed money from various sources or institutions in the country.

Image via eGUMIS

The Twitter user shared that the majority of the money found in his eGUMIS account was from a maturity benefit that he did not know he had earned from an insurance provider

According to the photo he posted, he had RM11.85 of unclaimed money from RHB Bank, RM32.70 from SBD Properties, RM36,994.41 from AIA, and RM210.27 from Maybank.

"I was surprised and grateful to be able to use this money to cover some expenses during COVID-19," he told SAYS.

Earlier this year, the Deputy Finance Minister announced that there is approximately RM11 billion in Unclaimed Money — or Wang Tak Dituntut — under the care of the government

Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said, out of the amount, 70% of the money is from inactive bank accounts of seven years and more, and urged the public to claim their money.

Until it is claimed, the money is being held in a consolidated trust account by the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys in the AGD.

Read more about the possible sources of unclaimed money and how to claim it on eGUMIS here:

There is approximately RM11 billion in unclaimed money belonging to the public, as of March this year:

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