Man Visited His Daughter After She Appeared In A Dream Only To Find Her Dead

She had been dead for about six months.

Cover image via China Press

The body of a 46-year-old woman was discovered in her home in Pathum Thani, Thailand on 16 June

The woman, Thiphaphat Phaksuk, lived alone in a house in Pathum Thani, The Nation reported.

A doctor confirmed that she had been dead for about six months.

The woman's body was discovered by her father, Boonlong Boonplun.

The night before he found her dead, she had appeared in his dream.

Image via China Press

The 71-year-old told police that he dreamt about his daughter and wife on 15 June.

That was when he decided to pay a visit to Thiphaphat, who lived about 20km from him.

When he arrived at her home, it looked like it had been abandoned as the weeds surrounding the house were long.

Image via China Press

After noticing an odd smell coming from the house, he asked security officers at the housing estate to break in. The 71-year-old found his daughter's decaying body at the door of her bathroom.

Image via China Press

However, there were no suspicious circumstances in her death.

The woman has been living alone since she divorced her husband

According to China Press, Boonlong wanted to visit her before then but she had always told him that she was busy.

Neighbours told police that they thought Thiphaphat had left the house because her water and power utilities services were cancelled due to unpaid bills, The Nation reported.

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