Man Who Was Told Not To Smoke Threatened To Ram His Car Into A Restaurant In Kepong

He also grabbed a wooden stick to attack the restaurant owner.

Cover image via Seehua Online

Yesterday, 13 January, three men were advised to stop smoking in a restaurant by its owner in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Image via Seehua Online

China Press reported the restaurant owner as saying that she had advised the men multiple times to stop smoking in her restaurant yesterday. 

The group of men repeatedly ignored the woman's advice, and continued to smoke despite the increasing number of patrons at the restaurant.

After being told again to stop smoking, one of the men grabbed a wooden stick and attacked the restaurant owner and an employee

Both the woman and her employee sustained injuries on their arms and shoulders.

Image via Seehua Online
Image via Seehua Online

According to Seehua Online, the attacker also threatened to ram his car into the restaurant before leaving the premises.

The restaurant owner has since lodged a police report over the incident.

In related news, a waiter in a Shah Alam restaurant was slapped recently for telling a customer not to smoke:

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