Singaporean Pleads Guilty To Hiring A Hitman To Kill Boyfriend Of His Malaysian Mistress

He paid about SGD8,000 (RM24,206) worth in Bitcoin to the hitman.

Cover image via The Straits Times

Yesterday, 17 July, Allen Vincent Hui Kim Heng pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his former Malaysian mistress' new boyfriend in 2016

The man began an extramarital relationship with his colleague, 30-year-old Ng Woan Man, in April 2016, Channel NewsAsia reported.

They continued their relationship even after she left the company, and planned to live together in a flat she moved into.

However, when she realised that he did not intend to leave his wife, she ended their relationship in February 2018.

The man continued to pursue her by buying her gifts, paying for half of her rental fees, and adding her as a beneficiary to his Central Provident Fund account and life insurance policy.

While stalking her social media accounts, Hui discovered that she had started dating Tan Han Shen, whom she met at her new job.

In a jealous rage, Hui downloaded a Tor Browser to access the dark web.

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He researched how to purchase and trade in Bitcoin in order to pay for a hitman from a website called Camorra Hitmen, based overseas.

After sending a photo of Tan from his Instagram and his car number plate, the 47-year-old requested for a hitman to "incapacitate" Tan's hand.

Later on, he changed his mind and asked for acid to be poured on his former mistress' new boyfriend instead.

After being advised by Camorra Hitmen that acid would be "more easily detectable," Hui agreed for a hitman to kill Tan via a staged car accident on 22 May 2018

He paid about SGD8,000 (RM24,206) worth in Bitcoin to Camorra Hitmen, Today Online reported.

However, 10 days before the planned "accident", a CBS journalist informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Washington Mission that a hit was ordered against a Singaporean.

It was not disclosed how the journalist came to know this information.

The Singapore Police Force were notified and Hui was arrested, ordered to cancel the hit, and asked to withdraw the Bitcoin he uploaded for payment

On 25 May 2018, he was charged in court for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill another person.

If convicted of criminal intimidation to cause grievous hurt or death, he could face up to seven years imprisonment.

Hui is expected to return to court for his sentencing on 4 September.

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