Maxis Apologises For Mobile Plan Controversy And Gifts Free Data To Customers

Existing customers will also be automatically upgraded at the end of the month.

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Earlier this week, social media was aflame when a former Maxis user revealed that some customers were offered cheaper tailored mobile plans while others remain unaware of the secret offers

The issue went viral, prompting Maxis to release an official statement on its Facebook page. Unfortunately, the statement did not sit well with many. Read the full story here.

Today, 8 April, Maxis CEO Morten Lundal finally broke his silence about the issue in a live Facebook video alongside Head of Consumer Business, Dushyanthan Vaithiyanathan

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Acknowledging that the telco has been receiving a lot of "negative opinions" lately, Morten apologised for the company's delayed response on the controversy, adding that it "doesn’t fit with our company’s commitment to fairness and transparency"

"Lately, our core centre and social media have been alive with many negative opinions on Maxis. Of course, it has concerned us.

"While we were developing new plans, some individual customers had tailored plans offered to them. This has angered some of you and it also doesn’t fit with our company’s commitment to fairness and transparency.

"So, we were late in responding to you and we treated individual customers differently and for that, we’re sorry," Morten said.

Dushyan then announced that upgraded plans will be launched later this month, with existing MaxisOne Plan users to be "automatically upgraded to much higher data quotas" with no changes to their monthly bills

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"For example, our MaxisOne customers with 1GB will move to 5GB and customers with 3GB will now get 8GB. Unlike many other new plans in the market, we’re not limiting these benefits just to new customers but to all existing MaxisOne customers," Dushyan said.

As the upgrades will only take effect at the end of the month, MaxisOne customers will be gifted free 3GB of data next week. Dushyan added that further innovations to the telco's mobile data will be announced in the future.

"This enhanced plan will only be available later this month, so to tide you over until then, all our MaxisOne Plan customers will enjoy free 3GB of data starting next week.

"In addition to these quote upgrades, we’ll be announcing further innovations that will enable our customers to a lot more with their data on our network. Our Maxis One business customers will also benefit from these upgrades," he said.

The two-and-a-half minute video ended with Morten promising that Maxis will remain focused on their priority to "having the best network, great customer service, and great value"

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"Now, with our new plans, there has never been a better time to be with Maxis," he said.

Shortly after the address, some MaxisOne users began receiving the following message:

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Watch the full video here:

A message from Maxis CEO Morten to our customers

There have been many questions about our plans lately and we’d like you to hear from us. Join our CEO Morten and Head of Consumer Business Dushyan as they address some of your questions.

Posted by Maxis on Friday, 8 April 2016

How did the controversy become so widespread? It all started with one forum post:

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