[VIDEO] MBPP Officers Slammed By Locals For Clamping A Car Parked In OKU Spot

The video of the incident has gone viral.

Cover image via Penang Kini

A video showing people venting their anger towards two Penang Island City Council (MBPP) officers went viral on social media recently

Image via Penang Kini

The five-minute, 12-second video was first posted on Facebook page Penang Kini yesterday, 20 November. At the time of writing, it has received over 200 comments and 300 shares. 

In the beginning of the clip, an elderly woman could be seen being pushed in a wheelchair by a younger woman, believed to her daughter

Image via Penang Kini

She then goes on a rant, complaining that MBPP officers had clamped her car which was parked at a spot for the disabled at Jalan Macalister. The incident happened at around 2.30pm yesterday, 20 November.

It is believed that her silver Toyota Vios did not display any OKU sticker as the woman admitted that she is in the process of applying for one.

A summons was left on the windscreen of the vehicle.

Moments later, two MBPP officers on motorcycles arrived and that's when things got heated up

Image via Penang Kini

Locals from the vicinity began to gather and express their anger against the officers, demanding them to unclamp the vehicle.

Locals scolding the officers for clamping the car.

Image via Penang Kini

However, the officers stood their ground. They would only unlock the clamp until the RM50 fine was paid.

A security guard also appeared on the scene to lambast the officers. He even asked the woman to lodge a police report to "teach them a lesson".

Image via Penang Kini

"How long are you going to let her stay under the hot sun? Who's going to be responsible if anything happens to her?", the agitated man chided the officers. 

The officers remained calm and did not retaliate as they waited for the woman to pay the fine.

The fine was eventually paid by another woman who was present at the scene

The woman (in white) paid the RM50 fine.

Image via Penang Kini

The officers left promptly after unclamping the vehicle.

Majority of netizens have sided with the officers. They said the OKU sticker is only applicable for drivers and not passengers, so it wasn't wrong for them to clamp the woman's vehicle.

Image via Penang Kini

Watch the full video below:

Sedikit kekecohan di Jalan Macalister siang tadi. Kereta itu didakwa melakukan kesalahn kerana paking di petak OKU. Orang tua tu baru diserang strok beberapa hari dan dalam proses permohonan kad OKU. Tiada langsung timbang rasa dan tolak ansur. Saman tetap dikenakan juga oleh penguatkuasa MBPP terhadap mereka. Bertabahlah..

Posted by Penang Kini on Monday, November 20, 2017

What do you think? Were the officers in the wrong for clamping the vehicle? Or should the woman take responsibility because she didn't have an OKU sticker? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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