MCA Warns Terengganu's Islamic Enforcers To Not Abuse Powers To Ogle Bikini-Clad Tourists

The party is also concerned that those who merely look like Malay-Muslims will subsequently be harassed.

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On Friday, 22 June, the PAS government in Terengganu stated that it will not restrict non-Muslims from wearing bikinis on the state's beaches. However, it added that authorities may "approach" such tourists for "discussions" on their attire.

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"The decision to dress in bikinis is the right of non-Muslim tourists, and it is also considered common practice at holiday spots," said Terengganu humanity, preaching, and information committee chairman Mohd Nor Hamzah.

Despite stating that there are no plans to punish or restrict non-Muslim visitors dressed in bikinis, Hamzah did not explain what these "discussions" would entail, Malay Mail reported.

Today, 24 June, MCA reminded Terengganu's Islamic enforcers to not abuse their powers to ogle tourists clad in bikinis

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According to Malay Mail, Terengganu MCA chief Datuk Toh Chin Yaw said in a statement that, "'Approaching tourists' would also mean that the enforcement officers would have observed the holidaymakers for a while before their next action to 'approach' and 'discuss'."

"Terengganu MCA does not want this situation to be exploited and abused by enforcement officers who cannot contain their lust to ogle at holidaymakers, but cloak behind self-righteousness to then harass visitors to the sand dunes and waters," he added.

The party also expressed a concern that approaching holidaymakers in bikinis to discuss their modesty will subsequently harass those who merely look like Malay-Muslims

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Using indigenous Sabahans, Sarawakians, Eurasians, and those of mixed parentage as examples of visitors whose complexions render them similar in appearance, Toh explained that, "They too may be mistaken as Muslims, harassed and summoned for not covering for their aurat."

Toh said it would be a better idea if signs were placed at relevant areas to specify the types of permitted beachwear

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"Terengganu has pristine beaches and islands are tourist destinations that can generate revenue for the state and income for local industries. Do not let overzealousness, intolerance or lust-filled enforcement officers destroy their pull-factor," said the Terengganu MCA chief.

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