Melaka Exco Suggests Putting 'Naughty' Students In Jail Cells At Prison Museum

State Health and Anti-Drug executive councillor (exco) Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh said that the psychological punishment is also believed to be more effective than caning students.

Cover image via Adarain & Muzium Penjara Malaysia (Facebook)

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Melaka Health and Anti-Drug committee chairman Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh is proposing that students with social problems be placed in prison cells as a form of psychological teaching

He said he will propose the initiative at the State Government Council meeting today, 1 April, for consideration, reported Utusan Malaysia.

The proposal was made after taking into account the increase in cases of school students with problems, including fights involving teachers.

"We will work with the Prison Museum to bring them [there] not just to study, but to also experience sitting in a narrow cell for 20 minutes," he said at a press conference at the Prison Museum in Bandar Hilir, Melaka yesterday, 31 March.

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Image via Muzium Penjara Malaysia (Facebook)

Muhamad Akmal added that the psychological punishment is also believed to be more effective than caning students

"If we cane these children, other punishments would be less effective, but if we make them feel like they are sitting in a prison cell, watching (a video) of people being whipped, this will change their perception so that they will not commit a serious crime that will land them in prison and have their freedom taken away," he explained.

He also called on parents to play a role by bringing their children to the museum to educate and see for themselves the consequences of committing crimes. 

Here's what a prison cell looks like:

Image via Adarain

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