[PHOTOS] Man Discovers Cockroach Infestation While Strolling Around Melaka River

"The next time you're here, don't touch the pillars," the local advised.

Cover image via Joel Chee (Facebook)

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A man from Melaka took to Facebook with a public service announcement (PSA) after finding a disturbing sight at the riverside in Melaka

Facebook user Joel Chee alerted his friends of the pillars by the frequently-visited tourist spot after discovering that they were crawling with cockroaches.

"The next time you're here, don't touch the pillars," the local advised.

Chee shared with SAYS that he discovered the infestation while he was on his daily walk around the riverside

The avid photographer said he often takes the same route but he had never seen the cockroaches until his evening "photo walk" on Monday, 29 March.

"In my opinion, due to the rain, the cockroaches' home floods. So they come up awhile. I think they will go back to their home after a few days."

He added that he only realised the cockroaches after seeing two men fishing by the river, with one of them fanning away cockroaches at his neck.

"I continued to walk towards my car, and that is when I saw the pillars and went 'Oh my God! It is crawling with them!'"

The post has since been shared over 1,500 times, with netizens disgusted by the realisation and the photos

"I got goosebumps looking at it," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"People like to take wedding photos here," commented another disturbed user.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, this netizen joked, "I will bring all my friends here to take beautiful pictures next time."

Image via Facebook

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