Melaka Voters Say BN's Win In The State Election Reflect The People's Wish For Stability

Following BN's win of 21 out of 28 seats in the polls, various voters expressed confidence in the coalition.

Cover image via Bernama / New Straits Times / Farizul Hafiz Awang

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Last month, the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition won a landslide victory in Melaka's state election, winning 21 out of 28 seats in the polls

According to Melaka voters, this reflects the people's wish for political stability.

Not only did they express confidence that the state is in better hands following BN's win, they also further shared that the victory indicated that people were returning their support to BN, which has always helped with the people's needs.

BN supporters cheering after the coalition was declared the winner in the recent Melaka state election.

Image via Bernama / New Straits Times

The people of Melaka believe that with more than six decades of history, BN would guarantee there would be fewer political frogs

During the Melaka election campaign, top leaders in BN voiced support for the implementation of the anti-party hopping law if they were given the majority to form the state government.

63-year-old Hashim Hasan, who did not expect the big win for the coalition, described the outcome as a responsibility bestowed on BN to serve the people well

Hashim Hasan

Image via New Straits Times

According to him, the mandate was given as a show of gratitude to the coalition for protecting the wellbeing of the state.

Hashim, who is a taxi driver, said he, like many Melaka folk, had always believed that a government should not leave any member of society behind, which is among the foundations of the Keluarga Malaysia aspiration.

"The win for the coalition means that the people want BN to continue leading the state as it had done for decades.

"In Melaka, the issue of differences is not as critical as in other states. I believe we are all Keluarga Malaysia like what Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob says. People are tired of politicking.

"We want a government that prioritises the needs of the people, especially in these trying times when so many young and old people are affected by socio-economic and even mental woes.

"I hope BN will take this mandate seriously for the next five years," said Hashim.

Echoing Hashim's sentiment is 54-year-old Kamarudin Mamat, who expressed hope that all assemblymen elected in the polls will remain steadfast in ensuring that the welfare of the people is prioritised, as per the prime minister's announcements in Bajet 2022 and 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP)

He cited Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia, which will see households earning less than RM2,500 a month and with three or more children receiving a one-off RM2,000 payment, as announced in Bajet 2022, as among the initiatives that hugely benefited the people.

Kamarudin added that providing opportunities for small- and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) was critical in boosting the economy, especially during the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic brought about various movement controls.

"I believe one of the main reasons BN managed to take back Melaka is that the people want political stability, and that would mean a better economic future for the state.

"As the people, we do not want any more politicking to happen. That is why we have returned the mandate to BN. And now with all the promises the pact has announced, we are hoping it will be fulfilled in Melaka," he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob visiting an exhibition stall at the launch of the Keluarga Malaysia PEDi centre at the Kampung Durian Tawar public hall in Bera, Pahang. Barisan Nasional is focused on plans to rebuild the country.

Image via NSTP / Farizul Hafiz Awang

First-time voter Amira Syahir, aged 21, shared that she kept abreast of all the initiatives introduced by the government, which influenced her choice when she went to the polls

Prior to voting, she had done research on the various initiatives. What's more, she admitted to being familiar with initiatives such as Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat and Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia because her family has benefited from them.

"From there, it is easier for one to choose which coalition can lead the state better, based on what they have done for the people. To be honest, I do not follow the political scene, so for this election, I just did a quick search online.

"Based on my observation, there have been more opportunities for the people following the Bajet 2022 announcement," she shared.

Additionally, Amira praised the government's Jamin Kerja Keluarga Malaysia job guarantee initiative. With an allocation of RM4.8 billion under the Bajet 2022, it aims to create 600,000 jobs next year.

Meanwhile, according to 68-year-old voter Karim Johari Sharif, having BN form the state government without any cooperation from other coalitions or parties would allow the pact to fulfil all its promises

Karim Johari Sharif

Image via New Straits Times

He said, "Now, BN will be able to move forward and focus on the people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have seen that BN is very much focused on its plans to rebuild the country based on Bajet 2022, such as providing more work opportunities. Hopefully, it will be more focused on Melaka, which relies heavily on tourism.

"There is much work to be done, and the voters have spoken and given the mandate to BN to continue its work to restore the economy, as well as ensure that infrastructure and public health are preserved.

"We are confident that with a combination of new faces, including youths and new faces from BN, they will work hard to ensure that the mandate of the people of various races is always given priority."

Karim further added that the victory of candidates from BN's component parties, MCA and MIC, also proved that the people fully supported the coalition's concept of power sharing.

Written by: Teh Athira Yusof and Nazri Abu Bakar

This article originally appeared on New Straits Times, with rights to be republished on SAYS.

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