METMalaysia: Heavy Rain And Thunderstorms Are Expected Until November

Brace yourselves for rain and strong wind in the afternoons and early evenings.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve & Bernama/Borneo Post

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Heavy rain and thunderstorms are making their way to Malaysia, says the Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia)

In a statement issued on Facebook, METMalaysia warned that the public should expect changes in the weather as the region will experience a monsoon transition phase from 24 September until early November.

They added that the beginning of the transition marks the end of the southwest monsoon season which began on 19 May.

During the monsoon transition phase, the region will receive weak winds from various directions

METMalaysia added that the weak winds are very suitable for thunderstorms which usually bring heavy rain and strong winds in a short period.

"These incidents occur mainly in the afternoon and early evening in most areas in the states on the west coast and interior of the peninsula, western Sabah, and western and central Sarawak," their statement read.

The department also urged people to always be vigilant during this period as flash floods could potentially happen

They also noted that the weather can potentially cause destruction to buildings with structural weaknesses.

To get updated weather forecasts and warnings issued by METMalaysia, you may refer to the agency's official website, the myCuaca mobile application, and their official social media channels.

Read their full statement here:

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Posted by Malaysian Meteorological Department on Sunday, September 19, 2021

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