Miss International Malaysia Removes 'Racist' Contestant Who Resents Being M'sian

The finalist has since come forward to issue an explanation of her alleged racist tirade that was brought to light in a viral Facebook post.

Cover image via Miss International Malaysia (Facebook) , Hui Yue (Facebook) , @abby_music96 (Instagram)

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One of the finalists of the Miss International Malaysia (MIM) 2022 beauty pageant started a controversy when she was accused of making racist remarks against Muslims on Instagram

The issue was brought to light recently after a Facebook user criticised the organisation for accepting Abby Lee in their top 15 shortlisted candidates to represent Malaysia in the annual Miss International global pageant.

The netizen named Hui Yue alleged that Lee made racist remarks about Muslims in multiple screenshots of her Instagram Stories. The tirade appeared to have been triggered by a man from Uzbekistan who Lee claims sexually harassed her through a private message.

"Muslim women don't have any status, that's why you do anything you want to girls, so please don't even think that I want to be (in) your low-class nation," she wrote in her Instagram Story.

She proceeded to say that people of the religion are "son of b---h"; the religion has "rapists everywhere"; and insulted the nation for having "no balls" to stand up against China, among other things.

In another Instagram Story, she even mentioned other countries like India and Pakistan and how she "will make them be like slaves for (the) Chinese".

Another screenshot shows a conversation that Lee posted in her Story with a caption lamenting the fact that she was born in Malaysia

The conversations were merely regarding the photos of her that were taken during a photoshoot and how she felt dissatisfied with the quality, but she used that as a reason for why she does not like her own home country. 

"I can't take it anymore. Why was I born in village Malaysia and not city China? I love China. I love Japan," the caption said.

But it gets worse.

While complaining about another photographer, Lee wrote that she was only participating in the pageant because she was interested in it, not because was patriotic.

"Anyone who knows me knows that I have never cared about the country. I have never wanted to admit that I'm Malaysian," she vented in the caption of one Instagram story.

"Immigrating has always been my dream," she added in her rant.

Hui Yue also alleged that Lee treats her family members very rudely and appears to regularly abuse her parents.

She also apparently "constantly blames her parents for not sending her to study overseas [when she was] young," she wrote in the Facebook post.

Another screenshot reportedly shows Lee saying that the previous winner of MIM, Charmaine Chew, only won purely because of plastic surgery.

The post has since gone viral after it was uploaded on Sunday, 13 March, collecting over 3,000 shares and more than 1,400 comments as of writing.

Lee has since taken to Instagram to deny the allegations of racism and explain the statements she made

Although she denied some of the allegations, she did not directly address claims of her racism and distaste against Malaysia.

However, she apologised to MIM and anyone who felt offended with the captions she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Following the viral post, the MIM organisation deleted Lee's photos from their social media pages — essentially removing her participation in the pageant

MIM kept mum for a while after deleting her photoshoot images, but issued a statement today, 18 March, in response to their decision to remove Lee as a finalist.

The organisation said her status as a finalist of the pageant will be receded because of the viral issue.

"Therefore, she is [not] allowed to exercise the title of finalist in neither events nor social media albeit the competition had ended," said the statement.

It also revealed that Lee will be taking legal action over the accusations made against her.

"We also hope that all parties would scrutinise the authenticity of any news before sharing. Due to the existence of a fake news article stated the participant was chosen as Top 8 Miss International Malaysia 2022 in which further defaced the organisation."

It also apologised to all parties involved in the issue.

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