Missing Man's Skeleton Found Inside An 800,000-Gallon Water Tank In Negeri Sembilan

He had been missing for eight months.

Cover image via China Press/Kwong Wah (edited)

A 22-year-old man has been found dead inside an 800,000-gallon water tank in Negeri Sembilan

Harian Metro reported that the man's skeleton and parts of his body were found in the water tank located in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan on 24 March. 

Jempol District Police chief Supt Muhd Nur Hishamuddin Hashim confirmed that the man's body was retrieved from the tank at around 1pm on Sunday. 

10 firemen and divers took 40 minutes to collect the man's body parts from the water tank.

Image via Kwong Wah

The body was found by employees of the Negeri Sembilan Water Company (SAINS) during routine checks on the water tank

According to China Press, SAINS employees who found objects floating in the water tank realised they were parts of the man's body after using a torchlight. 

While the last check on the water tank was conducted in February, employees reportedly did not look inside the water tank.

Meanwhile, the last time the tank was cleaned up was in October 2018. 

The water tank located in Palong 12, Jempol in Negeri Sembilan.

Image via China Press

The man, originally from Rompin, had been missing for eight months

His identity was confirmed by the Jempol police through an IC found on his body. 

Kwong Wah reported that in July 2018, the man's father lodged a police report over his disappearance. 

Following the discovery, SAINS ordered for the water tank to be drained and cleaned – affecting water supply to 10,000 households in the district. 

Nonetheless, water supply reportedly resumed yesterday, 26 March.

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