MOH Has Started Releasing The Exact Locations Of COVID-19 Clusters

Readers will now know if the cluster originated from a factory or market, and the specific street or neighbourhood affected.

Cover image via Reuters/The Jakarta Post & Reuters/The Edge Markets

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has started releasing specific information on the locations of COVID-19 clusters in the country

Readers of the daily COVID-19 press statements will now know the specific street or neighbourhood affected by the coronavirus.

Before the change on Monday, 11 January, the ministry would only report the districts affected by the clusters.

The change in the reporting, which was noticed by Malaysiakini journalist Aidila Razak on Twitter, was shown great appreciation by netizens, who have long asked the ministry for more information on the cluster areas.

The MOH now also details if the locations affected are public places such as factories and markets, or personal residences

Besides the number of people affected and the date that the cluster was found, information regarding where the index case was found - and if they were detected through random screening, at their workplace, or in the community - is also detailed.

The statements also specify if the COVID-19 clusters arose from index cases that had severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) symptoms

The significance of this information in this matter is that COVID-19 patients with SARI symptoms are more likely to spread the virus than those without.

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