'Supermum' Throws Herself In Front Of A Moving Car To Save Twin Daughters

A Massachusetts mom threw herself under a car and used her body as a speed bump to save her two-year-old twin daughters.

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"I don’t consider myself a hero. I am just a mother."

That’s what one Massachusetts woman said after she used herself as a "speed bump" to stop her car from rolling into traffic.

22-year-old Mindy Tran says she had been living in a shelter with twin daughters Saleen and Sydney, and that they had recently moved into their new apartment just days before the incident.

Mindy Tran threw herself under her own car to save her two children

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Mindy was leaving her residence with her two twin girls safely secured in their child seats when she stepped out of the car to lock the front door

However, the car was not in park as she expected and it began to slowly roll out of the driveway putting it on a trajectory towards a heavy traffic intersection. By the time she noticed what was going wrong, she didn't have time to reach the driver’s seat and did the only thing she could think of to stop the car until help could arrive and that was to use her body as a quasi-speed bump.

The 22-year-old had only recently moved into this house in Lawrence, Massachusetts, when the incident occurred. The car was in the garage when it started rolling backwards

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Her motive was to save her daughters and she took no thought for her own welfare. Her gamble paid off as the car did stop when it began to pass over her sufficient for a neighbor to reach into the car and set the emergency brake.

"My daughters are my everything."

Mindy said her first instinct was to save her twins, and that she didn't think twice before throwing herself behind the car.

Mindy's two-year-old twin daughters

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"My daughters are my everything and I don't want to see my daughters in the hospital, and I knew at that time it was either mine or theirs," Tran told WCVB.

However, the price she paid for her heroic action was severe: a dislocated hip and a crushed knee

She also had to endure the pain until emergency responders were able to arrive and safely get the car off her without putting her at further risk.

Tran’s left knee was crushed and her right leg was dislocated from her hip. She is undergoing intensive rehab to walk again.

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Her recovery will not be easy. She’s already had to have extensive surgeries to ameliorate the damage.

Doctors also say her physical rehabilitation will also be extensive and qualifies as having to re-learn to walk. Undaunted, Mrs. Tran says it was all worth it as she’d do anything for her babies.

Mindy Tran

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